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LeAnn, you were so helpful! I truly appreciate how you didn’t make me feel like any of my concerns or questions were silly, how you took the time to educate me on why I may have felt how I did about some pieces and styles, and how you never said yes or no to an item but rather talked me through making my own decision. I am so grateful to have been able to get into your schedule; I only wish I were close enough to get to shop with you in person! I am ready for a closet full of items I love and feel great in. :) Thank you! And congratulations!!

Veronica C. (Style Transformation Package)

LeAnn was able to key into my style right away and knew where to shop to find pieces that would fit into it. She gave me practical suggestions for dressing my particular body, which be a great value going forward.

Shannon T. (Personal Guided Shopping)

I do not love shopping, but LeAnn made the experience much more fun. The time spent with her was so much more efficient that if I had gone alone or with a friend.

Peggy H. (Personal Guided Shopping)

Working with LeAnn provided such clarity in what style means to me. She was exceptionally observant and highly skilled at helping me uncover things I like and don’t, and she communicated how to work with my personality and body shape in the most flattering ways. I had so many “aha” moments where she blew my mind with a simple comment! I really feel like I will forever look at shopping and choosing my wardrobe in an entirely new way after our time together. And, perhaps most importantly, I feel like “style” is something that I can really do. It’s no longer as intimidating or full of rules; she helped me uncover a feeling to guide my choices. I am so grateful for her expertise!

Brandy R. (Style Transformation Package)

I was looking for help specifically in acquiring clothes to return to working in an office after 10 years of remote work. My concern was that I would buy the same style of clothes I work back in the day and thus look dated and out of touch. LeAnn Sexton put me at ease immediately. She listened to my likes and dislikes, and then she blended that information with her own knowledge to help me identify flattering styles that still allowed my personality to show through. This was not an "extreme makeover" approach, it was a building experience. As a result, I can create my own plan of which items to purchase and when. I feel much more confident that what I select in the future will be flattering and stylish.

Carrie C. (Personal Guided Shopping)

LeAnn did a great job helping me understand fit on pants which I always struggle with. It is making on line shopping for pants so much easier.

Anita J. (Personal Guided Shopping)

She communicated throughout each step, explaining why some pieces looked better than others and offering alternatives. She made it easy for me to understand and remember the "why" behind the look itself.

Veronica C. (Style Transformation Package)

I am able to confidently walk into a store and know exactly what styles I need to gravitate towards so I can look and feel confident in my clothes. Shopping has become so much easier since working with LeAnn. She was well prepared with stores, brands, and styles she thought would work well for me. Our time was used efficiently.

Alyssa S. (Personal Guided Shopping)

LeAnn, I hate shopping, but you made it fun. I did learn a lot, and I'll know what I'm doing when I build out the looks. Thanks for not insisting we create an entire outfit or die trying. You gave me the tools to grow. I don't know how your business model works, but if there's something I can do in the future, like post testimonials or something, please don't hesitate to let me know. You're going to do an amazing job.

Sarah Z. (Personal Guided Shopping)

LeAnn is a fantastic stylist. She listened so well to what I was drawn to and educated me on fit to help pull it together.

Julie H. (Closet Edit)

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