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Discover, Elevate and Transform
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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You wear the same clothing items week after week, on repeat.
  • You have experienced going into your closet in the morning and spending the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what you are going to wear?
  • You are unsure of what your body shape is and what silhouettes will flatter you the most.
  • You do not know how to utilize your current wardrobe to its maximum potential;
  • You have endured a weight loss journey and now nothing fits in your closet or maybe you aren’t losing weight so nothing fits properly.
  • You constantly feel under or overdressed for an occasion.
  • You don’t feel like you have any sense of style and have no clue how to mix things up.
What if I told you that I can make getting dressed a stress-free daily experience that will have you excited each morning to go into your closet?
  • You have a stylish and versatile wardrobe, where each piece you own fits and flatters your body shape, works for your lifestyle and you feel put-together every time you get dressed.

  • When you need to add additional items to your wardrobe, you know what details to look for, the correct size to purchase, and what silhouettes are best for you;

  • Your wardrobe is now cohesive and you can mix colors, patterns, and accessories easily to create different outfits without having to constantly go shopping; 

  • You no longer avoid attending important events because you have nothing to wear;

  • Your closet feels like your own personal boutique that bring you joy;

  • Call you the Queen of Confidence because you know your personal style and you wear it well

Why work with me?

  • Are you looking to gain more time in your day?
  • Want to start saving money?
  • Tired of constantly shopping or scrolling Instagram for inspiration;
  • Hate shopping all together and avoid it at all cost;
  • You are constantly returning items you have ordered because they do not fit, don’t feel like they represent your style or have buyer's remorse after a day of shopping
Working with an experienced professional, where You are the main focus, will give you back your time, save you money, and give you the tips and tools to stop repeating this never-ending cycle.
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Your Style Transformation will take place over
5 weeks, during this time here are the steps
we will take:
  • We will begin with a comprehensive and detailed Zoom consultation to determine what is currently working and what is not within your wardrobe, define your personal style, and set the goal for how you want to feel at the end of your Style Transformation;

  • Mood Board creation;

  • Virtual Closet access;

  • In-depth Zoom Closet Edit for 2 seasons of your current wardrobe. You will gain a deeper understanding of your style, we’ll go through your wardrobe piece by piece and decide what works and what no longer serves you. You’ll try on each piece of clothing for the current seasons we are working with to get advice on the fit, silhouette, and style that best suits you.

  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe and a shopping list will be created with links to items I have hand-chosen just for you;

  • Zoom try-on session together we are paying attention to every detail with fit, color, and fabric to achieve the look you desire and outfit creation

  • Over 30 complete and professionally styled outfits will be photographed and uploaded into your virtual lookbook housed inside your Virtual Closet; 

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That's Not All. You Will also Receive

  • 2 Revisions of each styled look, if needed;

  • Lookbook access is available 24/7 from any device so you never have to stress about what you are going to wear again;

  • Silhouette and body shape summary documents are supplied so you can continue your style journey on your own

As a bonus, you will receive 30 days of support from me via email and Voxer
(a messaging app) for all of your style questions to ensure you feel
confident in every look

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Book Your Style Transformation Package For Only $750


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Book a Stress-Free Style Consult!

I'd love to learn more about you and your style preferences. Book your complimentary style consultation today!
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