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Discover Your Style and Boost Your Confidence
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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You wear the same clothing items week after week, on repeat
  • You are unsure of what your body shape is and what silhouettes will flatter you the most
  • You do not know how to utilize your current wardrobe to its maximum potential
  • You stare at your closet every morning feeling stressed and overwhelmed by what to wear
  • You never feel like you are “put together” or dressed correctly for the occasion
  • You want to feel stylish and confident when you get dressed every day
  • You feel that the colors in your wardrobe do not complement you
Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet wondering why it is so hard to find something to wear? You are looking at your closet full of clothes, yet you struggle to decide every day, what to wear to work, weekend outings or a night out with your spouse or girlfriends.
What if I told you I can make getting dressed quicker, easier, and stress-free in just a few hours?

Together, we will choose items from your existing wardrobe that flatter your shape, fit your body (spoiler alert, most women buy their clothing too big) reflect your personality and create outfits that work for your lifestyle. 

You might be thinking that working with a stylist is not for you because well, frankly, you don’t think that you have style. Let me be clear EVERYONE has a style, you either have not identified it or do not know how to describe it with words, but yes ma’am you DO have style and we are going to define it and embrace it because that is the secret to creating a wardrobe that you love.

Why work with me?

I have helped dozens of women change the way they see themselves when it comes to their personal style, change how they dress their bodies when it comes to choosing silhouettes, fabrics, and patterns and how to feel confident and put-together when creating outfits and getting dressed.
More benefits of working with me as your professional wardrobe stylist are;

Saves you time

When we have completed your closet edit, you will have a style-defined wardrobe where everything fits and flatters your body, you will have over 15 outfits already styled and created for you so when you are in a hurry and need to get dressed quickly, you can easily choose an outfit that fits the occasion.

Saves you money

You will no longer be spending money on clothing and accessories that will just hang in your closet with the tags still attached. After we complete your Closet Edit, if you need to go shopping you will have a detailed plan including what you need to purchase, in what colors, and the correct sizes.

Build your confidence

It is amazing to watch my clients transform from being unsure of how they look in an outfit at the beginning of our session to emerging feeling confident, and beautiful and that they can dress for any occasion on their own without fear or doubt of how they look after they get dressed.

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Here is how it all works:

1st Session: Before Your Closet Edit Session

  • You'll be provided with a comprehensive questionnaire via email during our consultation process. This ensures I gain insights into your personality, and lifestyle, and helps define your specific wardrobe goals.

  • Using Mood Boards, together we will develop a personal style that reflects who you are on the inside and how you want to express yourself through style and color.

  • Gain clarity on how to define and achieve your style on your own for years to come.

  • Before I arrive at your home, you will perform a few quick tasks on your own when it comes to editing your wardrobe. I will give you step-by-step instructions to make this a simple and easy process and these steps will help eliminate the overwhelm you may feel when we do a deep dive into your wardrobe.

  • You will choose 1 season of your wardrobe to edit during our session and will include accessories and shoes.

2nd Session: Your 1:1 Closet Edit and Style Upgrade Session

  • To gain a deeper understanding of your style, we’ll go through your wardrobe piece by piece and decide what works and what no longer serves you.

  • You’ll try on each piece of clothing for the current season we are working with to get advice on the fit, silhouette, and style that best suits you.

  • Outfits will be created during our session and I will photograph and upload into digital lookbook that is yours to keep as a reference;

  • Photographed outfits will show you how to effectively get dressed every day, fast and easily, so your mornings are stress-free.

  • We’ll end the session by identifying items that are missing from your wardrobe so you can purchase them at your leisure. You will also receive an email containing a detailed summary of the items, with store suggestions that align and fit your style, budget, and body shape.

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Book Your Closet Edit and Style Upgrade
For Only $300


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Book a Stress-Free Style Consult!

I'd love to learn more about you and your style preferences. Book your complimentary style consultation today!
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