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I empower women to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in their own skin through

self-expression in fashion.

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In 2020, I embraced a transformative journey, taking a leap of faith to pursue my dream. Now, my passion is empowering women to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in their own skin, simply by expressing themselves through fashion.


Who am I?

  • Lived in the Tri-State local area of WV, KY, and OH for most of my life

  • I love to travel and have traveled within the entire US and many other countries

  • I am passionate about learning and constantly continuing to gain knowledge about my field to pass along to my clients

Fashion has always been something that I was passionate about.
In my 20’s, I never struggled with what to wear, I didn’t care about silhouettes and fit, that time was all about being on-trend and having the “latest and greatest” when it came to my clothing choices. Then…. at age 30, I became a mother, and that took priority over everything else, including my style. By the time I turned 40, changes had happened with my body. I am gaining weight in so many places that I hadn’t experienced before.

Now, going shopping, nothing fits, I am trying on all kinds of different sizes and having “crying meltdowns” in the dressing rooms.

In my closet, things are no different. I am trying on pants, dresses, and blouses, but nothing fits and my husband doesn’t understand.  He thinks I should just be able to choose something and put it on because I just went shopping and I have a ton of clothes hanging in my closet so why can’t I just get dressed? 
In response, I took action
The changing point for me was when I traveled to NYC to visit my daughter, who was getting ready to graduate from college.

I joined my daughter for a styling session at a department store, where we curated a wardrobe perfect for her job interview. Impressed by the convenience and personalized results, I promptly booked a session for myself the following day.

The stylist nailed my style and when I put on the first outfit that felt like me, that was it! I felt confident, sexy, and thinner!  At that moment,  I knew instantly that I had found my passion, and that I wanted to help other women feel like this every time they got dressed.

Curious about how I can help you?

I have experienced feeling frumpy and wanting to look put together. I have struggled with finding a great pair of jeans, dress pants, and date night outfits, looking put together on the weekend and wanting to feel comfortable.

I created a system to help my clients figure out what silhouettes enhance their shape, what rise of pants is the most comfortable when they button, and teach them how to choose their correct size. 


I want all women to know that, they can look and feel however they want when it comes to their wardrobe, sometimes we just need help and guidance and that is what I can provide to them.

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Local or Virtual, Your Fashion Journey Beyond Boundaries.

I am local to the Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, and Ironton, OH areas but ofter travel several miles out of my area to reach my clients. I also can service my clients virtually through Zoom.

I love to travel and make it a habit to visit different cities and shop in all types of stores to offer my clients a wider selection than what they may have locally when it comes to their wardrobe and style. I want my clients to know that I am aware of what is current when it comes to different styles and aesthetics, as well as what is available to them. I do not allow my small-town location to keep me pigeonholed when it comes to my skills and resources.

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Book a Stress-Free Style Consult!

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