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Enhance your shopping experience with personalized guidance, tailored to match your unique style and preferences.
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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have experienced going into your closet in the morning and spending the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what you are going to wear?
  • You hate shopping, you constantly leave the stores empty-handed or frustrated;
  • You have endured a weight loss journey and now nothing fits in your closet or maybe you aren’t losing weight so nothing fits properly;
  • You are constantly shopping, but you do not know how to put all the pieces together into outfits that feel like You;
  • You don’t feel like you have any sense of style and have no clue how to mix things up.
Imagine the satisfaction of confidently stepping into your closet, effortlessly knowing which items seamlessly pair together to create the stylish look you've always dreamed of.
With a clear understanding of silhouettes, fabrics, and colors, shopping becomes a breeze, allowing you to swiftly find what you need.

Armed with the knowledge of your correct sizes and the most flattering silhouettes for your body shape, you've bid farewell to haphazard shopping.


The result? Significant savings that might just seem ridiculous, as you no longer shop without a plan.

Why work with me?

I have helped dozens of women change the way they see themselves when it comes to their personal style, change how they dress their bodies when it comes to choosing silhouettes, fabrics, and patterns and how to feel confident and put-together when creating outfits and getting dressed.
More benefits of working with me as your professional wardrobe stylist are;

Saves you time

You will no longer be staring at your closet wondering what to wear. You will have items in your closet that are cohesive and create a versatile wardrobe. When we are finished, you will no longer shop without a plan or purpose, and the idea of shopping will no longer be a daunting task for you

Saves you money

All of your clothing items work together making it easy for you to create endless outfits without having to shop constantly. You no longer have items that have been hanging in your closet for months or years, with the tags still attached. No more aimlessly shopping and settling on an item because you “have to have something” for an important event

Build your confidence

You now have a defined style, which is the key to choosing clothing and accessories that represent you and feel right. Every clothing item is the correct size and fits your body shape. You feel empowered by effortlessly achieving your desired look every time you dress.

I am going to be with you every step of the way from beginning to end and...
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Here is how it all works:

1st Session: Before Your Closet Edit Session

  • You'll be provided with a comprehensive questionnaire via email during our consultation process. This ensures I gain insights into your personality and lifestyle, help define your specific wardrobe goals, and determine which season we are working with.

  • Using Mood Boards, together we will develop a personal style that reflects who you are on the inside and how you want to express yourself through style and color.

  • Gain clarity on how to define and achieve your style on your own for years to come.

  • (1) Style Clarity Zoom Consultation session before shopping to confirm your personal style and your budget.

2nd Session: Guided Shopping Session

  • I will carefully select stores based on your location, wardrobe needs, and budget, where we will shop together.

  • We'll discuss the quality of craftsmanship and navigate an ideal balance between splurging and saving.

  • You will learn what silhouettes best fit and flatter your body.

  • Determine what sizes you should be wearing and purchasing for the future.

  • Links for shopping after our session will be provided for items we were unable to find in stores.

  • Email summary of what silhouettes, sizes, and colors to look for will be provided post-session.

I highly recommend that if you are a new client, you book a Closet Edit Session first to gain the most benefits from working with a stylist and maximize your results.

Do you want to book a Closet Edit and Guided Shopping?

Choose my Style Transformation Package and save $100.
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Book Your Enhanced Shopping Experience
For Only $300.


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Book a Stress-Free Style Consult!

I'd love to learn more about you and your style preferences. Book your complimentary style consultation today!
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